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Muay Thai Kickboxing Techniques

Muay Thai Kickboxing Techniques

Muay Thai has its own unique techniques. But unlike other martial arts such as Wushu and Arnis, it doesn't use any weapons such as swords or sticks. Instead, this combat sport treats the body as a weapon itself. In the earlier times, Muay Thai consisted of weapons namely the head, fists, elbow, knee and the feet. These weapons were collectively known as Na-wa-arud. These days however, it is no longer allowed to use the head in competitions, but enthusiasts can still learn how to attack using the head for self defense.

What sets it apart from other martial arts is that it involves a variety of methods to attack and defend. Martial arts such as Karate and Taekwondo only focuses on the hand and feet when attacking. In this combat sport, all the parts of the body can be used to attack as well as defend. So to better understand how this combat sport works, let me share to you some basic moves and techniques used.


Punching is less used in combat because it makes the fighter vulnerable to knee and elbow strikes from the opponent. It's considered to be less effective than other techniques such as elbow and knee strikes.

Types of Punches: straight punch, hook, swing, spinning back fist, upper cut, cobra punch, overhead punch


The elbow is used in various ways in Muay Thai. It's also considered as one of the most powerful part of the body that you can use to attack your opponent.

Types of Elbow Techniques: elbow slash, horizontal elbow, upper cut elbow, forward elbow thrust, reverse horizontal elbow, elbow chop, double elbow chop, mid air elbow strike


Muay Thai also involves a lot of kicking. It's one of the its striking similarities to other martial arts.

Types of Kicking Techniques: straight kick, nutcracker kick, round house kick, diagonal kick, half spin half knee kick, spinning hill kick, down round house kick, axe hill kick, jump kick, step up kick


Just like elbows, knees are also used in different ways. It's also considered as one of the most powerful part of the body that you can use to attack your opponent.

Types of Knee Techniques: straight knee strike, diagonal knee strike, curving knee strike, horizontal knee strike, knee slap, knee bomb, flying knee strike, step up knee strike


There are different defensive techniques that you can use against attack. It is classified into six types namely: blocking, redirection, avoidance, evasion, disruption and anticipation.

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Download Muay Thai Game

Muay Thai Game Download
Muay Thai Game Download: Def Jam - Muay Thai Kickboxing

Play Muay Thai Game
Def Jam - Fight For NY

Def Jam: Street fighting meets hip hop lifestyle. An interesting mix but an enjoyable one at that. This game is definently no holds barred and great for fans of beat em ups and fighting sims. If you are a fan of the Smackdown! wrestling game series proceed with caution; the controls are more UFC styled and are difficult to master, it took me a while to get into the way of the game.

The only other flaw this game has is the hip hop lifestyle can be too in your face and a bit overloading, the original was more leniant and had less of the attitude but the same amount of thrills. The brutality of the fights and vicious moves will keep gamers happy though, so if you're thinking of buying this game go ahead, you wont regret it!

This is not a muay thai flash game! but high quality 3D game. Play muay thai game now!

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Muay Thai Shorts

Muay Thai Shorts

Duo Gear Muay Thai Shorts

Product Description:
These are durable and hard wearing for those intense training sessions or for competing. They are made with a wide elasticated drawstring waistband to ensure they stay up and each leg has wide leg room allowing you to execute those high kicks and knees.

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Muay Thai Kickboxing Shorts
Turner Sport Muay Thai Kickboxing Shorts

Product Description:
These shorts are designed and cut to suit contact sports including kickboxing, Muay thai, general workouts and other sports too. They are made from a polyester mix material and have a elasticated waist with tie string to secure the shorts. The design features ensure that the shorts are not a hinderance when playing contact sports and do not limit kicks and splits. The product is made to the highest specification and is quality tested and guaranteed. This has made it the choice of professionals and that is the reason we are supplying these to world class health clubs, gyms and Boxing clubs.

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Muay Thai Training Tips

Muay Thai is a highly physical martial art. It's a simple, yet brutal art as others would say. This combat sport has gained considerable interest among fitness buffs and martial arts enthusiasts all over the world because of the numerous benefits that it offers. So if you're thinking of trying it out, here are some muay thai training tips and things that you should know, especially if you haven't taken up a martial art before.

seek the guidance and supervision of professional Muay Thai instructors for all aspects of your training session: warm-up, pad work, heavy bags and cool-downs.

Start slowly, get a good grasp of the fundamentals and the proper Muay Thai techniques so that you can train intelligently and improve progressively.

Muay Thai as you may have already realized is intensive and demanding, there will always be something new to learn and mastering this art takes time. Be patient, take it one day at a time and keep moving forward.

Another way to say this is lighten up and enjoy it. The process of moving from a newbie to a master is a roller coaster, you will laugh, you might cry. Keep an open mind, give it your best and enjoy the results.

As obvious as this may sound, a level of discipline is necessary. Results will come through consistency, consistency comes from perseverance and determination, both are a product of your focus. Focus on your goals, start today and do not stop until you have achieved your objective.

However, you must allow your body to have at least one day of rest every seven days. If you are brand new to the sport, a recommended initial one day interval between sessions is adequate, as you improve, you will be able to train up to 3-6 days consecutively.

Don't push yourself too hard.
Go easy to start. It is very important to learn the proper mechanics first than pushing yourself to train hard right away. Learning the proper mechanics would give you a solid foundation and it also reduces the risk of injury.

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Muay Thai Moves List

Muay Thai points of contact:
  • Punching (Chok)
  • Knee (Tae kao)
  • Kicking (Tae)
  • Elbow (Tee sok)
This is a significant difference from western style boxing that focuses on two points of contact (each fist) and other traditional martial arts that utilize four (fists and feet). Most fighters will focus on the Muay Thai techniques that involve the elbows and knees when competing against an opponent of another style in order to gain an advantage. Additionally, there is an emphasis on strong core movements starting with the hips that generate tremendous power.

Punching (Chok)

Traditional Muay Thai techniques focused on two primary strikes- crosses and long strikes (which were long circular strikes made with the palm of the hand). The melting pot of mixed martial arts has made a significant impact on Muay Thai punching techniques which now employ the full arsenal of traditional western boxing strikes, which includes:
  • Jabs (Mud Trong)
  • Crosses
  • Hooks (Mud Wiang San)
  • Uppercuts (Mud Seuy)
  • Hammer Fists
  • Overhands
In order to avoid exposing the head for counter attacks, practitioners often avoid strikes to the body.

Another big difference in striking style is the stance that is used. Unlike the traditional boxing style that keeps the hands close to the head covering the face, an alternative Muay Thai technique is to keep the arms raised an in front of the fighter. This is often utilized to create and maintain distance when one fighter has a height advantage or prefers longer range strikes.

Knee (Tae kao)

The knee is perhaps the most integral part of Muay Thai techniques. The knees and the elbows are the most lethal assets a Muay Thai fighter can employ. Proper knees are thrown so that contact is made on the front portion of the leg either just below, directly on, or just above the knee cap. The foot should remain pointed during a knee in case a kick needs to be thrown. There are several different knee strikes, which include:
  • Straight Knee Strike (Kao Trong)
  • Diagonal Knee Strike (Kao Chiang)
  • Curving Knee Strike (Kao Kong)
  • Horizontal Knee Strike (Kao Tud)
  • Knee Slap (Kao Tob)
  • Knee Bomb (Kao Youwn)
  • Jumping Knee (Kao Loi)
  • Step-Up Knee Strike (Kao Yiep)

Kicking (Tae)

When it comes to kicking the two most common Muay Thai techniques are the teep kick (foot jab) and teh chiang (angle kick).

The teep kick is akin to the jab. Offensively, it is used to gain distance, distract, and to set up for other attacks. Defensively, it can be used to prevent attacks and to maintain distance.

The teh chiang is a powerful kick that starts with the rotation of the hips to maximize the momentum and speed of the kick for maximum impact.

Additionally, there are several other Muay Thai techniques for kicking, which include:
  • Straight Kick (Tae Trong)
  • Roundhouse Kick (Tae Tud)
  • Diagonal Kick (Tae Chiang)
  • Spinning Heel Kick (Tae Glub Lang)
  • Axe Heel Kick (Tae Khao)
  • Jump Kick (Gra-dode Tae)

Elbow (Tee sok)

The elbow is an integral part of Muay Thai and can be used in several ways by a fighter. Here are some of the primary elbow strikes (these will be discussed in greater detail in future posts):
  • Elbow Slash (Sok Tee)
  • Horizontal Elbow (Sok Tud)
  • Uppercut Elbow (Sok Ngud)
  • Forward elbow thrust (Sok Poong)
  • Reverse Horizontal Elbow (Sok WIang Glub)
  • Spinning Elbow (Sok Glub)
  • Elbow Chop (Sok Sub)
  • Double Elbow Chop Mid-Air Elbow Strike (Sok Glub Koo)
As a general rule, diagonal elbows tend to be the fastest elbow strikes, but are less powerful. When used correctly, they can be incredibly effective at cutting an opponent's face. Uppercut elbows and elbow chops tend to be the most powerful and inflict the most damage; however they are also easier to guard against and avoid.

These points of contact form the foundation of a Muay Thai fighter and help make them a dynamic and dangerous opponent in any hand to hand combat situation. The mastery of these techniques is only the first step in becoming a great fighter. Once proficient at these foundation techniques, a fighter can move into the fifteen mae mai (major or mother techniques) followed by the luk mai (minor or more advanced techniques).

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Muay Thai Flying Knee

Muay Thai Flying Knee
Perfect Muay Thai Flying Knee by Warrior Princes
Image source: www.mmafightgirls.com

Muay Thai Flying Knees
Muay Thai flying knee technique

Flying Knees
Since Muay Thai is a close quarters combat sport, effective grappling and knee techniques are needed. A good close quarters fighter can be very effective in taking the wind and the will to fight from an opponent. A knockout strike is almost guaranteed when an opponent's head is brought down to an upward-thrusting knee. Muay Thai fighters are the masters of kick fighting. But it's their shins that are the hardest part of their body and used to chop an opponent down. The knees are also used to devastating effect, as are elbow and fist attacks.

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Muay Thai Wallpaper Layouts Backgrounds

muay thai wallpaper
Muay Thai Kickboxing 3D Wallpaper

Muay Thai Fighter Wallpaper

tony jaa wallpaper
Tony Jaa wallpaper

These are just some of the simple muay thai wallpaper. Remember though that images require memory space, be sure you have appropriate space before you download and save. Other than your computer, personalizing your iPad, android phone and portable gadgets are also possible, check out amazing desktop backgrounds online to add personality to your computer and everyday gadgets.

Muay Thai Kickboxing Videos

Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs. Dzhabar Askerov

Muay Thai Boxing is a much favored sport in the whole of Thailand, and a well loved entertainment in most parts of the world. It is in fact more popular than any other sport in Thailand. Muay Thai Boxing is a very rigorous art that requires a lot more energy, concentration, and intelligence as compared to western style boxing. This much revered sport is embedded in the history of Thailand, and dates back over hundreds of years.

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Muay Thai Gloves Review

Best Muay Thai Gloves
16oz BLACK DUO A/L Muay Thai Kickboxing Boxing Gloves

Muay Thai Gloves Review

Product Descriptions:

These are a high quality Muay Thai Kickboxing Gloves made of Artificial Leather with a web attached thumb providing added support for the thumb with an innovative contrasting piped Velcro wristband and can be used for all contact sports that require boxing gloves.

Muay Thai Gloves Review from customer:
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Muay Thai Training Online

Learn Muay Thai Kickboxing At Home

Do you want to learn Muay Thai kickboxing online? There are lot's of different ways to train yourself in the art of Thai Kickboxing. This could be from all over body conditioning, flexibility and technique based move training. Even if you can't afford to join an MMA gym there are still plenty of ways to practice in your own home.

What Exactly Is Muay Thai Kickboxing?

Unlike traditional kickboxing, which is a hybrid of Karate and Western Boxing, Muay Thai makes more use of shin strikes, elbow strikes and clinch work. It is also the national sport of Thailand. The sport is currently a very popular edition to MMA and can be seen in the UFC being used by fighters such as; Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva and Mauricio Rua.

How To Start Muay Thai Training

Thai kickboxing requires a great deal of fitness. If you want to start training then I would recommend building up your overall fitness levels by doing cardiovascular activities such as running, swimming and skipping. It's common practice for Thai fighters to do a 10km run every morning for the months leading up to a fight.

I would recommend that you learn these three basic strikes to begin with. It's important to master each move individually. We all want to learn the flashy kicks that we see in the movies, but without the basics you will never be able to get there.

Roundhouse Kick
Probably the most famous kick of all time, and certainly one of the most effective. Most of the power from a roundhouse kick comes from the waist with the point of impact being the shin.

Straight Kick
The straight kick is a very useful defensive move that is used to push back your opponent and give you more space. It can also be a very powerful attack if performed correctly. The point of impact is either the ball of your foot or the heel.

Jab and Cross - The first punches you should ever learn.
The jab is simply a straight punch with whatever arm you have in front of you, whilst the cross is a straight punch with whatever arm you have at the back. The point of impact should be your two front knuckles and you should only tense your fist just before you strike.

Leaning these basic moves is a good way to begin your training. I would definitely recommend that you don't move onto anything else until you have mastered these basic steps.

Where Can I Learn Muay Thai Kickboxing

There are loads of great resources online if you want to learn any martial arts. If it is MMA forms or Thai Kickboxing then I would recommend that you find a program that has been designed by professional fighters. There are a program online called Damage Control. This program will take you through the entire process of learning mixed martial arts.

Learning Muay Thai online can be very effective. Damage Control is a professional training guide used by a number of world class MMA fighters.

Want to learn Muay Thai with professional MMA fighters? Visit: Muay Thai Training

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Muay Thai Video Clips

Sanchai vs. Fabio Pinca

For much of its history Muay Thai was a dangerous sport. It was raw hand to hand combat - with ropes and cords wrapped around the hands instead of gloves. As Thailand has entered the modern age, the rules have changed slightly to protect the fighters, who now wear padded gloves and protection for their groins. While boxers can still use their elbows and feet during the match most of the other rules have been modified to comply with international boxing regulations. This has allowed the popularity of Muay Thai to spread throughout the world and today you can find Thai Boxing training centers in most of the western world including the United States and Russia.

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Download Muay Thai Training

Download Muay Thai Training
Muay Thai Kickboxing: The Ultimate Guide To Conditioning, Training, And Fighting

Book descriptions:
In the most comprehensive guide available for entry into the fast-growing sport of Muay Thai kickboxing, personal trainer, Thai boxing coach and experienced fighter Chad Boykin leads you through every aspect of the game. Whether you long to test your mettle in the ring or simply get in the best shape of your life, this book will show you how. With clear, instructive photos and descriptions, Boykin demonstrates the conditioning exercises that provide the foundation for the power and speed of Muay Thai. Then he takes you step by step through the brutal elbow and knee strikes, punches, clenches and kicks that form your offensive arsenal, plus the blocks and evasion techniques that will confound your opponent. Training drills teach you to flow from one move to the next with accuracy and confidence. A veteran of the ring, Boykin gives novice fighters inside information on what to expect and offers advice on fighting styles and strategies. Whether you've been participating in kickboxing for years or are new to the sport, this book will give you the edge you need to succeed.

Download Muay Thai Training book
Muay Thai Training Book

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I think this is currently the best book on Muay Thai you can buy.
It has lots of information on techniques & what it takes to prepare yourself for a Muay Thai Tournament.
Buy it ignore any bad press given to this book.

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Muay Thai Movie Reviews

Ong Bak - Muay Thai Movies Reviews

Ong Bak - The Thai Warrior

Amazon.co.uk Review:

No computer graphic can ever surpass what a real human body can do--and what the body can do is on spectacular display in Ong-Bak, a Thai action movie starring the lithe and flexible Tony Jaa. When the head is stolen from a holy statue in Jaa's rural village, he goes to Bangkok to get it back. Of course, it just so happens that the thief is connected to a bar where criminal big shots gamble over bare-knuckle brawls, and Jaa is--despite his virtuous efforts--drawn into the game. But that's only the beginning; a chase through the city streets rivals the ingenious acrobatics of Jackie Chan, with Jaa leaping between panes of glass, over a bicycle in motion, and through a wreath of barbed wire. Jaa's fighting prowess has been compared to Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and just about every other martial arts master, but he has an equal degree of charisma as well. He won't win acting awards, but his engaging presence carries the movie. One word of warning: The numerous fights will make you wince as much as gape in astonishment. Ong-Bak follows the action-flick tradition that the hero needs to be as battered as possible before he ultimately triumphs, and the battering is intense. -Bret Fetzer, Amazon.com - Product deatailsKing Warrior Movie The Protector

The Protector movie, also known as King Warrior

Customer review:

Tony jaa, is great again-fantastic stunts,a radical fusion of brutal and stylish muay thai moves, stunning visuals, and emotive drama, The Protector is the ultimate tribute to the unique vision of director prachya pinkaew and the prective, charismatic talents of leading martial artist in thai boxing TONY JAA. Product details

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Muay Thai Pads

Muay Thai Pads
Muay Thai Shin Pad
Shin instep pad leg & foot protector PVC Martial Arts Kick Boxing training Protective gear with removable shoes Black Large

This shin and instep is made from High Quality pure synthetic leather material and is padded with EVA foam which has light weight properties and a great impact absorption qualities. The Pads are contoured so that they hug the shin and provide a snug fitting to the shin which minimises movement during contact. The elasticised straps fit comfortably around the leg.

The removable foot pad is generously padded to cover the whole foot. It has an adjustable strap at the back which is cushioned to give extra comfort. Its special design keeps the toes inside the instep ensuring full protection during use.

We are confident that you will be pleased with these pads and if they do not meet your expectations then we are happy to exchange or refund.

The product is made to the highest specification and is quality tested and guaranteed. This has made it the choice of professionals and that is the reason we are supplying these to world class health clubs, gyms and Boxing clubs.

Product Details

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Kickboxing Training Books

Product Description
This book, written by an acknowledged expert on this fascinating fighting art, provides a detailed analysis of the techniques of Muay Thai [Thai Kick Boxing] and their application to street protection. Ultimate Muay Thai is aimed at those with an interest in the martial arts in general and those with a specific interest in Muay Thai whether they are beginners, intermediates or advance practitioners.

About the Author
Bob Spour has thirty-five years experience of the martial arts and has spent twenty-five years studying Muay Thai both in Thailand and UK. He is also Chief Instructor to over forty-five camps worldwide, collectively known as the Phraya Pichai Camps International. In 1996 he qualified as a Judge and a Referee for Muay Thai.

Muay Thai Training Video Clips

Muay Thai Training Video Clips

There are loads of great resources online if you want to learn any martial arts. If it is MMA forms or Thai Kickboxing then I would recommend that you find a program that has been designed by professional fighters. There are a program online called Damage Control. This program will take you through the entire process of learning mixed martial arts.

Learning Muay Thai online can be very effective. Damage Control is a professional training guide used by a number of world class MMA fighters.

Want to learn Muay Thai with professional MMA fighters? Visit: Muay Thai Training

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Muay Thai Equipment

Muay Thai Equipment
Muay Thai Gear
Image source: www.kickboxingclasses2k.com

Muay Thai equipment is all over the net. If you need it, everything is just a click away. Upon searching for the best Muay Thai Equipment on sale online, I spotted one store that caught my attention.

The store`s name is Muay Thai fighting. They claim that they are the pioneer when it comes to offering Muay Thai Equipments. They have a wide variety of equipment that ranges from cheap to affordable. Everything is in one roof of Muay Thai fighting. Their aim is to provide online customers a pleasurable buying experience and get the exact value of their money. Not only that! Their website is very user friendly. You can easily search the actual item you are looking for because they categorized each item to the specific use of the equipment.

Here is the list of some brands and items available in the website:

Hand and wrist protection available brands

Boxing Gloves
  • Twins special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves
  • Fairtex Super Sparring Gloves Locked
  • Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing gloves
  • Boon Muay Thai Boxing glove Velcro
  • Windy Amateur Boxing gloves
  • Twins special Muay thai boxing gloves with elastic wrist
  • Twins special Boxing Gloves Amateur international boxing

Abdominal Protection available brands
  • Fairtex Foul Proof protection.
  • Top King Abdominal Protection
  • ThaiSmai Groin protector for international boxing.

Belly Protection available brands
  • Twins special Belly Protector
  • Boon Muay Thai Belly protector
  • Fairtex Leather belly protector
  • Top King belly protector
  • Raja Belly protector

Body Protection available brands
  • Twins
  • Fairtex
  • ThaiSmai
  • Top king

Fancy Shin Protection available brands:
  • Twins
  • Top King
  • Fairtex
  • Raja
I can enumerate them all but at least sighting a few would give you an idea of how many brands do they offer. They also carry items for the groin protection, headgear, heavy bag, kicking pads, Punching mitts, Apparel, accessories, books and videos that will give you a head start in learning Muay Thai.

Muay Thai equipment may be a big investment as you have to complete the whole gear outfit. But if you are really serious in this sport, you know that having all these would be beneficial for you in terms of support and protection. There are other sites that offer Muay Thai Equipment but since it is hard to order something that you don`t see in actual, better get the items from a trusted and pioneer store for Muay Thai Equipments.

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Muay Thai Conditioning

Muay Thai Conditioning
Muay Thai Kickboxing Training

Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand, is known in the Western fighting world as one of the "sprawl-and-brawl" disciplines of martial arts, focusing on striking the opponent more than grappling, clinching, or submission holds. Drenched in a long history as a royal art form of many traditions, this martial art also greatly accentuates the goals of conditioning and fitness in a fighter. Using Muay Thai techniques can greatly improve stamina for MMA fighters that practice in any area of martial arts.

Physical Conditioning:
Conditioning of the fists, elbows, shins and knees through repetitive punching drills, toughen the skin, tendons, muscles and connective tissue to turn everyday body parts into unmerciful weapons of mass havoc.

Conditioning with MMA gloves, mitts, Thai pads and various striking targets are staples to any MMA or Muay Thai training format. Putting in the work with these sparring devices helps refine speed, power, timing, and most of all -the physical conditioning necessary for actual combat.

Mental Training:
Muay Thai fighters believe that mental toughness is just as important in the ring as physical condition or skills. Meditation and praying are staples of Buddhism and Thai culture, so it should come as no surprise that this transfers over to Muay Thai boxing. This mental training concerns both visualization and positive thinking. While not physically training, a Muay Thai boxer is constantly visualizing their fighting moves in their head like a movie. This will help with reflexes and natural reactions because you’re practicing scenarios in your head all day and night. Positive thinking involves eating, breathing, and sleeping success and winning 24 hours a day. Negative thoughts must be neutralized by positive ones and a champion’s mindset put in place.

Hand strikes (punches) are the foremost weapon in most all fighting sports. In order to systematically grow your hand striking ability and endurance, train with a heavy bag. Strike freely at first to warm up, increasing the intensity as you build striking technique and conditioning. Increase the intensity as the bones, muscles and tendons of the hand, forearm and shoulder girdle develop to handle the impact of striking a human opponent.

Elbow conditioning can be built up using the same procedures as fist striking conditioning. Be sure to review fight videos and take part in real time sparring to develop your elbow striking. Elbows can be deadly tools in MMA and Muay Thai warfare. Conditioning them to withstand the requirements of repetitive striking will enable you to make use of them at will and without hesitation.

Shin conditioning is also a very important ingredient to Muay Thai training. Shins are used to kick and to block kicks. Without calcified shins, you are more likely to be wounded and less likely to be proficient as an MMA striker.

A simple conditioning drill to prepare the shins for battle requires the fighter to strike a Muay Thai bag one-hundred strikes daily. Begin with light and easy strikes and move on full contact strikes as you improve your shin tolerance and aerobic endurance.

Cardiovascular Conditioning:
Oxygenating your body's tissues is critical to maintaining optimum training and competitive performance. Typically, 'old school' training templates are used to develop and improve fighter's cardiovascular conditioning. The most common old school method utilized to condition fight athletes is long term, steady state 'cardio.' This methodology usually dictates long runs or jogging to achieve cardiovascular fight conditioning.

Current research reveal that long term, steady state cardiovascular s will typically reduce the dynamic explosiveness of the sportsman and condition the athlete to subconsciously conserve energy and explosive power in order to complete the task at hand. We now have much more effective cardiovascular fight conditioning methods at our disposal.

Always consult with a fitness professional when constructing your MMA or Muay Thai conditioning program.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Muay Thai Techniques

Muay Thai Techniques
Muay Thai Techniques
Image source: yupedia.com

The Martial art of Muay Thai has its own unique techniques. It consists of the use of nine weapons. The head, fists, elbow, knee and feet are collectively known as Na-wa arwud. But today the use of head is no longer allowed in the Muay Thai fights. In Muay Thai small amount of grappling is used (The Clinch) for both defending and attacking purpose. Muay Thai techniques are divided into two groups: Mae Mai or Major techniques and Luk mai or Minor techniques. All techniques in Muay Thai use the entire body movement, rotating the hip partially or fully with every punch, kick and block. This is the reason which sets Muay Thai apart from other forms of martial art.

Punching Techniques: ( Chok)

Straight punch = Mud Dhrong

Hook = Mud Wjang San

Swing = Mud Wjang Yao

Spinning Back fist = Mud Wjang Glab

Upper Cut = Mud Seub

Cobra Punch = Kra-Dod Chok

Over Head Punch = Mud Khouk

The judges in Muay Thai fights scores less to the fighters for the punching techniques as they are generally less effective and powerful than kicks or knee strikes. Body punching is also used less in Muay Thai as it exposes the fighters head to the strikes of knee or elbow from the opponent.

Elbow Techniques: (Dhee Sork)

Elbow Slash = Sork Dhee

Horizontal Elbow = Sork Dhad

Upper Cut Elbow = Sork Ngad

Forward elbow Thrust = Sork Poonk

Reverse Horizontal elbow = Sork wjang Glab

Spinning Elbow = Sork Glab

Elbow Chop = Sork Sap

Double Elbow Chop = Sork Glab Koo

Mid Air Elbow Strike = Gra-Dode Sork

The elbow is used in seven ways in Muay Thai, horizontally, diagonal upwards, diagonal downwards, uppercut, downward, backward spinning and flying. The elbow is also used from the sides as a finishing move or to cut the opponents' eyebrow so that he bleeds. Bleeding blocks the vision and also affects the fighter's performance.

Kicking Techniques: (Dhe)

Straight Kick = Dhe Dhrong

Nutcracker Kick = Dhe Paa Maak

Round house Kick = Dhe Dhad

Diagonal Kick = Dhe Chivang

Half-spin, half knee kick = Dhe Krueng Kheng Krueng Kao

Spinning hill Kick = Dhe Glab Lang

Down Round house kick = Dhe Kod

Axe Hill Kick = Dhe Khouk

Jump kick = Gra-Dode Dhe

Step Up Kick = Yiep Dhe

The most common kick in Muay Thai are Foot Jab (Theep) and the Kick (Tae), upward in the shape of a triangle targeting the ribs and arms (Chieng). This angle kick in Muay Thai has been adopted by many other forms of martial arts as it is very effective. The round house kick is almost similar to the kicks used in karate or taekwondo. Many Muay Thai fighters also uses a counter rotation of his arms to enhance the power of his kick. A Muay Thai fighter is always taught to hit with his shin. Although the shin is very sensitive for an untrained person the shin is the strongest part of the leg than the foot as it contains fine bones and is much weaker.

Knee Techniques: (Dhe kao)

Straight Knee Strike = Kao Dhrong

Diagonal Knee Strike = Kao Chijang

Curving Knee Strike = Kao Kouwng

Horizontal Knee Strike = Kao Dhad

Knee Slap = Kao Dhob

Knee Bomb = Kao Youwn

Flying Knee Strike = Kao Loi

Step up Knee Strike = Kao Yiep

Other Knee Techniques: - Kao Dode: (Jumping Knee Strike) Jump on one leg and strike with that legs knee. - Kao Loi: (Flying Knee Strike) Take step(s), jump forward and off one leg and strike with that legs knee. - Kao Tone: (Straight Knee Strike) Thrusts it forward. Not upward unless the fighter is holding opponents head down in a clinch and intend to knee upward into the face. - Kao Noi: (Small knee Strike) Hitting the inside upper thigh (above the knee)of the opponent while clinching.

Foot Thrust Techniques: (Theep)

Straight Foot Thrust = Teep Dhrong

Sideways Foot Thrust = Teep Kang

Reverse Foot Thrust = Teep Glab Lang

Slapping Foot Thrust = Teep Dhob

Jumping Foot Thrust = Gra-Dode Teep

It is also known as 'Push Kicks' and is commonly used in Muay Thai. It is mainly used to attack opponents' attack, and get the opponent off balance.

Fighters in The Arm Clinch Position:

There is a difference in Muay Thai from the western Boxing. During the arm clinch position the fighters are separate in western boxing; however they are not in Muay Thai. There are several clinching techniques in Muay Thai including:

- Arm Clinch

- Side Clinch

- Low Clinch and

- Swan Neck.

Defensive techniques against attack:

It as categorized into six groups:

1. Blocking: Defenders hard block to stop a strike in its path, so preventing it reaching its target.

2. Redirection: Defenders soft parries to change the directions of a strike so that it misses its target.

3. Avoidance: Moving a body part swiftly out of the way or range of a strike, making the position of the opponent for a counter strike.

4. Evasion: Moving the body out of the way or range of a strike.

5. Disruption: Pre-aiming an attack.

6. Anticipation: Defender catching a strike or countering it before it strike.

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