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Muay Thai Equipment

Muay Thai Equipment
Muay Thai Gear
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Muay Thai equipment is all over the net. If you need it, everything is just a click away. Upon searching for the best Muay Thai Equipment on sale online, I spotted one store that caught my attention.

The store`s name is Muay Thai fighting. They claim that they are the pioneer when it comes to offering Muay Thai Equipments. They have a wide variety of equipment that ranges from cheap to affordable. Everything is in one roof of Muay Thai fighting. Their aim is to provide online customers a pleasurable buying experience and get the exact value of their money. Not only that! Their website is very user friendly. You can easily search the actual item you are looking for because they categorized each item to the specific use of the equipment.

Here is the list of some brands and items available in the website:

Hand and wrist protection available brands

Boxing Gloves
  • Twins special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves
  • Fairtex Super Sparring Gloves Locked
  • Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing gloves
  • Boon Muay Thai Boxing glove Velcro
  • Windy Amateur Boxing gloves
  • Twins special Muay thai boxing gloves with elastic wrist
  • Twins special Boxing Gloves Amateur international boxing

Abdominal Protection available brands
  • Fairtex Foul Proof protection.
  • Top King Abdominal Protection
  • ThaiSmai Groin protector for international boxing.

Belly Protection available brands
  • Twins special Belly Protector
  • Boon Muay Thai Belly protector
  • Fairtex Leather belly protector
  • Top King belly protector
  • Raja Belly protector

Body Protection available brands
  • Twins
  • Fairtex
  • ThaiSmai
  • Top king

Fancy Shin Protection available brands:
  • Twins
  • Top King
  • Fairtex
  • Raja
I can enumerate them all but at least sighting a few would give you an idea of how many brands do they offer. They also carry items for the groin protection, headgear, heavy bag, kicking pads, Punching mitts, Apparel, accessories, books and videos that will give you a head start in learning Muay Thai.

Muay Thai equipment may be a big investment as you have to complete the whole gear outfit. But if you are really serious in this sport, you know that having all these would be beneficial for you in terms of support and protection. There are other sites that offer Muay Thai Equipment but since it is hard to order something that you don`t see in actual, better get the items from a trusted and pioneer store for Muay Thai Equipments.

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